Pizza Cutter

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project2partb by JokerMan1984
project2partb, a photo by JokerMan1984 on Flickr.

This one I also did in Digital Design Foundation in the Spring of 2011. We had to choose a very basic, man made tool. I chose a pizza cutter due to the unique curves and the shading possibilities I had with the blade itself. I drew the cutter in pencil, then outlined it a fine point sharpie. Then I had to choose three perspectives to draw in into square boxes. I chose these three angles/perspectives as I thought they were the most interesting. After doing this, I uploaded the image into Illustrator CS 5.5. From there, I outlined the images using the drawing too and smoothed with the smoothing tool. After that I created borders around the drawings and chose whether or not to fill in the background. I used rulers and guides to space the boxes evenly and this was what I came out with.


Jim Morrison

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morrison2 by JokerMan1984
morrison2, a photo by JokerMan1984 on Flickr.

I drew this, well, I guess it’s going on 10 years ago now. I can draw very well when looking at an image, I have done better through the years with just sketching and drawing in general. This is a picture of Jim Morrison from The Doors. He was a subject of most of my work in high school, be it drawing, poetry, etc. This was before I knew of special pencils for art, I just used a normal number 2 pencil for this. I used a combination of eraser and my fingers to get the shading where I wanted it. This was just a normal 8 1/2 x 11 art pad.

The Safe Place to Hide is In/Sanity

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Bauerlien_D_Proj3_B a video by JokerMan1984 on Flickr.

This was a film project I did for Digital Design Foundation. We had to create about a minute video, could be a little over, using videos we found from the Prelinger archives, as well as sounds. For this project, we used Adobe Premiere Pro. I chose four videos to cut from. One was a study of hypnosis, the second, a video on the importance of sleep, the third was a video of insects and their eating/mating habits and the fourth was the demonstration of the atomic bomb before Hiroshima. Most of these videos were natural, very innocent by nature. The sleeping video had the classics 50’s “Leave It to Beaver” type music with it. Along with that video was a girl playing with her doll and I just couldn’t resist making something so innocent into something creepy, eerie and a little evil. Using a mix of images, I cut which scenes I wanted, the next was adding sounds. I scoured sound sites and found some UFO/Science fiction sounds that fir perfectly. In the last scene before the explosion, I chose to keep it quiet, kind of like the “calm before the storm.” After the explosion, I felt like something was missing, so I decided to search for an evil laugh and what better one to choose than Vincent Price. This was my first time using the program and thought I did well with it. I look forward to working with it more in the future.

World of Blight

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World of Blight


So hard to determine what’s real

Vivid dreams of lavender nights

Easy enough to feel, but is it really life

Weed through the illusions of bliss

Tapestries of sullen gray and beautiful pain

Worlds set on fire to emerge pure

Wonderful to see a world set in blight


Again, I wrote this poem with no real reason in mind. I just sat down and wrote a few one day just for the sake of doing it. I can say this was down about 5 years ago, I’ve since slowed down on my poetry and began writing novels but that is for another time.  I can say the main inspiration for this particular one i was Jim Morrison and William Blake. The song by The Doors “End of the Night” was composed of lines from William Blakes poem “Songs of Innocence.” For some reason, I really grew to like the word blight. It just has a nice sound to it and when I hear it, it just gives this perfect image of a once green world, gone dark.

Decrepit Empire

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Decrepit Empire


Satyrs rule the knife of bleeding ignorance

Roam the path trying to find murky significance

Lizards of life lick the dead

TVs sinful lies help pollute heads

Robes of a devoured, pristine empire

Now kneel in rags before a decrepit sire

The pen of life writes no more

A pencil works better to erase the sores

Pagan turtles stroll along the way

Devil in suit rolling in the hay

Atheists read daily news through streams

Cloaks and ghosts wander Roman dreams

Gathered in soft misery

In search of a devoured history

The bloody sun of time

Sipping on the moon of wine

Dripping night into noon

Death consumption comes soon

Suffering from shooting stars, burning blight

Man seems to be creator of his own plight


This was a poem I did awhile back. I had started writing in high school, exploring more of a darker side of things. My early poems were very basic and when I look back at them, I can’t believe I even wrote them. Over time, I think I developed more of a voice I guess with my poems. My inspirations draw from many things, including songs and poets, which Jim Morrison, William Blake, Oscar Wilde and Rimbaud are among the heaviest influences. If I remember correctly, this was written about 6 years ago. I really have no reason for writing these poems, other than to do it and possibly for cathartic reasons sometimes. This particular one had reason behind it’s creation aside form just writing when I got images/words in my head.

Magazine label

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This is the other part of  my label/bottle design for my digital imagine class from last spring. We had to make a label that would be used in a particular type of magazine. I chose a game magazine and chose to work with the character of Kratos as he is a popular character from video games. The red stripe in the background is done because it matches the tattoo on Kratos’ left side. I used the round brush style so it wouldn’t be smooth, as I think the roughness went well with the personality of Kratos. The text I used is Lithos Pro, as I thought it had a Greek style to it without being overdone. The gold color used was done in reference to the coloring of text on the God of War games, in particular number 3. It was a project but also a fun piece to play around with.

Lone Tree

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atomspherefinal by JokerMan1984
atomspherefinal, a photo by JokerMan1984 on Flickr.
This was another atmospheric perspective piece that was done in my Two dimensional design class from Spring of 2011. I used the shape maker to make numerous layers of grass shapes in different sizes.  I chose to make the tree the focal point for this piece. Rather than just leave it black, I decided to give it a little glow to it, but keeping the branches black. I also added just a few leaves, so that it would add to the melancholy feeling of fall. The other real techniques I used here were the use of layers and size of shapes to give the effect of perspective.